Yo Cond 250ml | 11 shades

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YO Toning Conditioners available in 11 intermixable shades.

Packaged in 250ml tubes, each Kemon YO Toning Conditioner has an acidic pH that colours and nourishes hair in one step, closing the cuticle, intensifying the tone, giving hair maximum luminosity and a colour full of vitality. 

Formulated with 86% natural origin ingredients, these toning conditioners act in just three to ten minutes and should be used every three to five shampoo like a normal conditioner. They are suitable for use on all hair types, generate no colour build-up and can be easily removed. 

Kemon YO Toning Conditioners are available in Silver, Lilac, Violet, Red, Honey, Frosted Chestnut, Pink, Beige, Copper, Chocolate and Platinum.  

In addition, YO Conditioner Clear is a neutral conditioner with the same base as YO Conditioner but without pigment to nourish and protect hair in just three minutes without colour.